Britney Spears is supporting the Black Lives Matter movement – apparently the first time she has spoken publicly on the issue, but some social media followers believe she has crossed a line.
The singer released an image on Monday of a black man wearing a mask and holding a sign that read: “White people have generational wealth. Black people have #WeAreNotTheSame generational trauma! #BLM. “
Brit also captioned the post, with… “Just sayin ‘” and the hashtags #BLM and #BlackLivesMatter.

Waiting for your permission to load Instagram media.Let’s face it… Britney usually doesn’t weigh in on anything political, social or controversial… other than her tutelage, of course.
She usually keeps her IG posts pretty light … and while most of her fans applauded her apparent stance, others tore her up for what they considered “profiling” and pointed out that many whites don’t have no generational wealth. A British follower is said to have begged, “Please don’t go down into this rabbit hole. “
And, as you might expect, some “Free Britney” devotees have taken her BLM post as a sign that she and her social media are being vetted .
Of course, Britney’s BLM support comes in as Derek Chauvin the jury deliberates on whether he murdered George Floyd – the tragedy that has fueled the BLM marches and protests around the world .