And she said so herself.

Britney Spears’ Instagram raises more and more questions from her followers. In light of the incompletely understood story of the singer’s guardianship, some fans find her publications more and more strange. Recently, Britney has often posted rows of almost identical pictures, or even carousels of pictures, which often differ only in filters.

Spears recently published another series of identical photos, in which she poses in a light top and with a rose wreath on her head, and she herself noted that she has already posted 18 photos in this top. Apparently, Britney is crazy about short light tops with voluminous sleeves, because her page is full of photos in similar clothes, and roses are very often featured – in the form of photos of flowers, emojis and just mentions in the text of the microblog.

Recently, in the stories section, the singer explained why she posts photos in the same clothes.

Some people say that I post old photos. But know: every photo of mine is not older than a month. Yes, I know, I wore the same top 17 times [then 17 more]. This is needed for the Project rose project,

– explained Britney. But she did not specify what kind of project it is and what it is. Fans expect that the singer will soon explain her mysterious behavior on the social network and reveal the essence of the project.