Government data in Britain reported that 343 deaths and 6,391 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded during the past 24 hours, an increase from the deaths (104) and injuries (5455) that were recorded yesterday.

The British Ministry of Health stated that 204,78619 people received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, while 844098 people received the two doses.

According to the World Meter website, which specializes in following up on the developments of the Corona pandemic, the total number of Corona cases in Britain is 4188400, while the total deaths amount to 123296, and the total cases of recovery amount to 2959884.

Britain has launched the fastest Covid-19 vaccination program in Europe, which increases the likelihood that the current lockdown restrictions will be lifted between now and the end of next June.

Last Sunday, the Public Health Authority in England said that it had detected 6 cases of the Corona virus, which was first identified in Manaus, Brazil.

This comes at a time when health managers are concerned that the new strain may spread more quickly and respond less to existing vaccines.