If you are looking for the dream dresses for your wedding then you might stop your search. Just wait for the February 2017 to finalize the purchase of your dream wedding dress. A new breed of stunning and awesome wedding dresses Collection has been launched.
This entire collection of Wedding Dresses by Whistles would be making its debut in February of 2017. This collection is comprised of seven limited pieces includes strapless, stepped hems, contemporary one-shoulder and a refined high neck dress alongside a timeless jumpsuit.
Retail prices for the dresses is going to range from £499 to £699.

In an interview Nick Passmore, creative director of Whistles said that ” “We’ve had so much interest from customers on wedding attire that we felt the time was right to launch a contemporary collection of dresses for the modern bride,”.
Availability of Whistles Wedding Dresses would be on retailer’s website and its flagship in St Christopher’s Place London.

Whistles Wedding Dresses Collection

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