Bradley Cooper has been confined to his home for several months, where he has been in the care of his 80-year-old mother and 3-year-old daughter, since the health emergency began.

The actor has always distinguished himself for being a very responsible son, he idolized his father, who died in 2011, so now he is dedicated to his mother and daughter: “I am with my daughter, with my mother and two dogs, my mother is for turning 80 a colostomy bag (prosthesis where fecal waste is deposited), so I cannot allow anyone to enter here, I cannot go out because if she gets infected, basically everything is over for her, “she told the magazine Interview.

Cooper has led a quiet country life all this time: “We live in a small village house and we have a garden, it can be said that I run a nursery,” he said amused, because since he gets up he is inventing the activities that his little girl will have daughter Lea, the result of his failed relationship with the Russian model Irina Shayk.