‘Lost City of D’ is actually a friendly quid pro quo, with Bullock making a cameo appearance in the thriller ‘Bullet Train’.

Brad Pitt has reportedly joined Sandra Bullock in Paramount’s action romantic comedy ‘Lost City of D’ in a cameo appearance.

The ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ star will be reuniting with Sandra Bullock for her action-adventure romantic comedy that also stars Channing Tatum.

‘Lost City of D’ is actually a friendly quid pro quo, as it follows Bullock making a cameo in the star’s award-winning action thriller ‘Bullet Train,’ which recently wrapped production with director David Leitch filming for Sony. .

Sandra Bullock, 56, had already landed an excellent role alongside Brad Pitt, 57, in one of the most anticipated new films, ‘Bullet Train’. It will be their first movie together even though they have been friends for decades.

Brad Pitt reportedly couldn’t refuse to adorn his role when Bullock, who is producing and starring in “Lost City of D,” approached the handsome actor for a cameo.