Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has just lost his 95-year-old grandmother.

Brad Pitt has just lost one of the pillars of his life. Betty Russell, the grandmother of the American star, died on September 14 in a hospital in Oklahoma, USA, according to British newspaper Daily Mail . At 95, she was a resident of a luxury retirement home, the Rose Manor Nursing Center in Shawnee, for several years.

Not seen in 10 years

Before losing her life, Betty, nicknamed Meema by her loved ones, was able to see her entire family one last time. A moment of salutary recollection with her sisters also living in the state of Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Brad Pitt could not get to his grandmother’s bedside in time for a final goodbye.

It must be said that Brad had not seen his Meema for a long time. Still according to the “Daily Mail”, he had not visited her for nearly 10 years. An absence that his relatives still reproach him today. Already in 2012, his aunt Mary Ann regretted this distance between Betty and Brad. So now, despite this distance over the years, will the star want to come and say goodbye? Only Brad knows.