55-year-old Brad Pitt ( Brad the Pitt) personally congratulated on his birthday ex-wife Jennifer Aniston ( Jennifer Aniston): Hollywood actress turned 50 years old. Pitt came to the party , which arranged for the star of the day before the holiday.

Jen gathered star friends at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. Among the guests were Ellen DeGeneres , Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom , Amal and George Clooney , Tom Ford and many other stars. In the number of guests hit and former husband of actress Brad Pitt.

Despite the fact , that Brad tried his best to remain incognito and even drove to the building of an SUV with tinted windows , the paparazzi still learned a Hollywood star. Pitt betrayed his cap ,which he often carries away from the red carpet.

Now the actor’s fans are wondering: just recently, many people thought , that he had an affair with Charlize Theron. The actors began to communicate closely six months ago , when they met on the set of a commercial. They celebrated Christmas at Brad’s Californian home , hiding from prying eyes. Many are waiting for the reaction of Angelina Jolie , with whom the actor divorced for the third year. By the way , Charlize and Angelina have long been hostile .