The episodes of Anthony’s Bourdain show Parts Unknown in which his girlfriend Asia Argento was shown, have been taken offline by CNN. The actress, who turned out to be one of the voices of the MeToo movement, is accused of sexual abuse of a minor.


Bourdain and Argento met in 2017 in Rome, where he was for recordings of his culinary travel program. The actress was shown in the episode around that city and in a broadcast about the south of Italy.

She also directed an episode of Parts Unknown that took place in Hong Kong. The two stayed together until his death this spring.


“In the light of the recent news reports about Asia Argento, CNN isstopping broadcasting old episodes of Parts Unknown with which it was involved, until further notice”, a spokesman for CNN told People . The station broadcast the old episodes via regular television, and offered the episodes online.

Last month, the New York Times discovered that the actress, after her own abuses of abuse at the address of Harvey Weinstein, herself paid off someone accusing her. She gave Jimmy Bennett 380,000 dollars (330,000 euros) in exchange for his silence.

The former child actor, who once played Argento’s son in a film, claims that the two sex initiated by the actress when he was 17 years old. She denies that, and states that Bourdain paid the money to help Bennett.