The singer opened up about his life with Kingston, 15, Zuma, 13, and Apollo, 7, about Stefani’s previous marriage to Gavin Rossdale, saying his own stepfather taught him how to approach fatherhood.

“I don’t know if it’s as hard or harder or not as hard as being an actual biological parent, you know?” Shelton said in an interview with KFROG’s “The Ride with Kimo & Heather”. “I have a stepfather in my life who is one of my heroes. I adore my step dad and admire him and he is like a father to me so I have a good inspiration in my life for how to do that and the kind of step dad I want to be. And I take it very seriously. ” 

Shelton added that while he is “very serious” about parenting boys, he still enjoys having fun.

“But I’m having a blast with this too, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “I don’t take it so seriously that I don’t take advantage of this time because I really am, especially now that we’ve been in this business for five years. I cannot imagine my life without these children now. “

Shelton posed the question to singer No Doubt in October 2020. The duo broke the news on Instagram with a photo of Stefani wearing an engagement ring, with the caption: “@blakeshelton yes please! Shelton captioned it, “Hey @gwenstefani thanks for saving my 2020… and the rest of my life.” I love you. I heard a YES! “

The two met on the set of “The Voice” in 2015, and have since collaborated on several occasions.