Actress Blake Lively returns in the television world. She signed a contract with Amazon for a scripted reality series about the fashion world. That is what Jennifer Salke of Amazon has announced. Blake, known from the series Gossip Girl, is attracted as a producer of the series.

Scripted reality is a genre that at first resembles reality TV, but in reality it are actors who act on the basis of a script.

It is not clear whether Blake will produce the series alone or whether she will also be an actress. After Gossip Girl, the actress focused on building her film career. She played in The Age of Adaline, CafĂ© Society, The Shallows and in the thriller A Simple Favor.

Lively will also make her debut as executive producer of the movie The Husband’s Secret. The new series will also link to the Amazon web store.

Amazon Prime Video is a competitor of Netflix.