ate last year, Ryan Reynolds joked that for him sex with his wife was a job , so he was waiting for the third invitation. And although the actor immediately clarified that he and Blake Lively are not planning to replenish the family, fans of the star couple put his words into question. Rumors of a third pregnancy Blake fired up a photo that Ryan published in his Instagram in January. On it, the actress is posing without a drop of makeup and in a free-cut jumpsuit . But the guesses remained guesses until yesterday evening.

May 2 in New York spouses together appeared at the premiere of the film “Pokemon. Detective Pikachu, in which Ryan played a major role . But the hero of the evening was not Ryan at all, but his spouse. To support her beloved, Blake came in a tight-fitting lemon dress, which immediately threw away all doubts: yes, the couple is expecting a third child (they are already raising 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Ines).

Spouses gently held hands, hugged a lot and posed with pleasure to photographers

We sincerely congratulate the couple and look forward to new details!