The former couple have reached an agreement, and they will have joint custody of the four-year-old Dream.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian ended their dispute over the custody and pension of their daughter Dream Kardashian before the end of 2020. The ex-partner will have joint custody of the four-year-old girl.

According to US Weekly magazine, Chyna and Rob decided to stop the fight and agreed to share their time with Dream, and now they will both share vacations and holidays, and also agreed that they will be with her every other week.

The ex-partner, who had Dream in November 2016, managed to reach an agreement “without judicial intervention,” according to the publication.

In the documents it can be read: “As of December 2, 2020 and in alternate weeks thereafter, the defendant (Kardashian) will have custody of the minor from Wednesday morning at 10 am until 10 am on Saturday, and the claimant (Chyna) will take custody of the child from Saturday at 10 am until Tuesday at 10 am, starting on December 5, 2020 ”.

The surprising fact is that Blac Chyna did not ask Rob for a pension for the girl.

Sources insisted that a judge ruled that neither she nor Rob needed to pay a pension.

“They agreed to have joint custody, but it’s true that Rob will stay with Dream longer. Rob no longer has to pay Chyna $ 20,000 each month. They agreed that everyone will buy what Dream needs when the girl is with them and any other expenses (school, medical) will be divided in half ”.