The singer said that this dictated her style of dress.

Billy Ailish gave an interview to the British GQ, where she again raised the topic of self-confidence. The star admitted that she never felt welcome.

My ex-boyfriends never made me feel welcome. Not one of them. I have never felt physically desirable and attractive, this is a big point in my life. Therefore, I dress as I dress. I do not want to think that someone will evaluate my body, my size. But that doesn’t mean that one day I don’t decide to put on a shirt,

– shared Billy.

Then Billy talked a little about her past relationships:

I have never felt strong in a relationship. Once I felt, but I took advantage of the kindness of that person. I’m not used to it. Many months have passed and people no longer attract me. I do not know what’s going on…

– summed up Eilish.

Billy had previously sparked heated discussion among fans by posting a video in which she slowly undressed. Against the background of the footage, Billy talks about body-shaming and the tendency of people to judge by appearance.