DALLAS – H. Ross Perot, the colorful billionaire from Texas who has run twice as President of the United States, has passed away.

Family spokesman James Fuller said Mr. Perot died early Tuesday. He was 89 years old.

Mr. Perot went from the poverty of the Depression era to one of the greatest wealth of the United States as the founder of computer services giant Electronic Data Systems (EDS).

In 1992, Mr. Perot launched the presidential campaign as an independent candidate, defying President George HW Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton.

He had won nearly 19 percent of the vote, the highest percentage of any candidate coming from the two major parties in 80 years. The Republicans had blamed him for the defeat of Mr. Bush.

He founded EDS in 1962 and sold it to General Motors for $ 2.5 billion in 1984. He then founded another company, Perot Systems.