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Harry Styles  was performing in Nashville this Friday, and he confirmed, on stage, the hidden meaning of his song Watermelon Sugar . “It’s about the sweet things in life… and also about the female orgasm. But it’s different, it’s not very important, ”he told the crowd according to Billboard .

Asked previously by Zane Lowe, who said that the song evoked “the joys of mutual oral pleasure”, the former singer of One Direction  had kicked in touch. “Is that what this is about?” I don’t know, ”he replied.

Kylie Jenner facing first business setback

Kylie Jenner  had only known success in business … but has just faced her first setback! The star has indeed released Kylie Swims, her swimwear brand, and consumer feedback is rather negative!

“I wish I could show them to you on me, but I can’t, because it’s impossible,” revealed a TikTokeuse, who adds “I didn’t think the material would be so thin you can see everything. Better swimsuits can be found at Target (an American discount chain), ”as USA Today noted . “When you release something, you want the people who spend their hard-earned money to have a good quality product. The fact that we gave the green light to that worries me ”, explains another Internet user.

Obviously, Kylie Jenner has created swimsuits … with which we can not swim! “I will surely take her on vacation, but I will not bathe, because we can see through”, explains a beauty influencer.