Singer Billie Eilish revealed in an interview with Apple Music 1 that she used a body double at the Coachella festival . The event, at which Eilish was the headliner, took place in April. The singer revealed that she dressed one of her dancers in her clothes.

At the start of Coachella, I had a stunt double, one of my dancers on the show. I dressed her in my clothes, in which I had previously appeared on stage. We had a black wig, mask and sunglasses and she put on my shoes and my socks.

As Eilish noted, fans did not notice anything.
Everyone thought it was me. And no one guessed that it was not me, no one knew about it,
she said.

This prank helped her free herself from “having to be Billie Eilish” for a few minutes. Earlier , Billie Eilish spoke in an interview with The Sunday Times about the rejection of her body and complained of bullying from fans because of her appearance. The girl admitted that she feels unattractive, dressing in baggy clothes, as she is being judged for being “not feminine enough.” But if the singer chooses more sexy outfits , she is still criticized.

Billy Eilish also admitted that she is often hurt by the reaction of people: for example, the fact that people laugh at her because of the manifestations of Tourette’s syndrome, which the singer was diagnosed with at 11 years old.