Billie Eilish

The show must continue! Billie Eilish didn’t let a bit of faceplanting stop her from rocking the second weekend of Coachella.

Eilish, 20, took a small misstep and ended up falling flat on her stomach during her stunnding performance at the Coachella Valley Festival of Music and Arts in Indio, Calif.

The incident occurred just after the stage lights went out and Eilish was preparing to deliver a performance of “Getting Older,” when she got slipped and landed on face on the stage.

“I just ate shit! Ouch! You guys, I just ate ass here,” Eilish told her fans, while the stage was still dark. ” I’m fine. It was dark! Ouch! I tripped over the fucking fire thing! »

The fall itself was not seen by fans, but Eilish explained what happened – as seen in a video posted by TMZ.

“You guys, I seriously ate shit. Seriously. It was pitch black. Do you see this square? This fucking thing? I went de-de-de-de-de and fell on my face! Eilish said laughing, mocking herself.

However, the show continued with an undeterred Eilish, who also brought in a special guest – Hayley Williams from Paramore. The two then performed Williams’ hit “Misery Business.”

Williams then joined Eilish on stage, where the pair then delivered a rendition of Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” together.