Billie Eilish will cancel her world tour due to the COVID-19 virus, better known as the corona virus, until March 28, she said via Twitter on Thursday . The singer does not use the word ‘coronavirus’ in her mouth, but says she postpones the concerts in question because of concerns about the health of her audience.

The canceled performances are all in the United States and will be caught up at a later date. Eilish will start her European tour on July 9 in Spain and will perform on July 13 in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

It is not yet known whether Eilish’s performance in Amsterdam will be jeopardized. Until March 31, the Ziggo Dome canceled all events involving more than 100 people. As of April 3, the Eilish website is scheduled to perform again in the United States.

In February, Eilish released the theme song of the Bond film No Time to Die . A few days earlier, the 18-year-old singer won five Grammy Awards, the most important American music awards.