The famous mom did well to take her phone with her.

The actress and her 12-year-old daughter have gone to Stockholm this summer to enjoy the summer holidays before school starts. During a kayak trip, the mother and daughter unfortunately rowed for so long that they found themselves very far from the edge. The current being too strong, they could no longer reach the shore. 

Fortunately, Jennifer Garner managed to reach a rescue center in the area by telephone. And it was Mattias who came to the rescue with his kayak. On land, the young man had the chance to pose next to the actress and to be called “savior”, in a story. This evening was also an opportunity for the star to share with his fans a beautiful Swedish sunset. Throughout their misadventure, little Violet never complained, reports her mom. 

In the fall, the actress will star in the action film “Pepermint” and the main character of the series “Camping”, produced by Lena Dunham.