The Big Bang Theory stops after twelve seasons. Studio CBS and producer Warner announced on Wednesday that the season that starts in September will be the last series of the successful comedy series.


When The Big Bang Theory stops, 279 episodes have been made. This makes the series the longest running sitcom in American television history. The last episode will be broadcast in May 2019. Earlier it was said that a thirteenth season would be made.

The comedy about four nerdy scientists has been one of the best viewed programs on American television for years. Especially leading actor Jim Parsons (Dr. Sheldon Cooper) became a big star thanks to the series. The seven leading players each now earn 900,000 dollars (converted about 774,000 euros) per episode, a record amount.

Many well-known scientists and filmmakers had supporting roles in the series. The recently deceased Stephen Hawking, for example, has appeared several times in the comedy in recent years.