Beyoncé has for the first time in a long time a photo of her now thirteen month old twins shared. 


The photo, on which the singer Sir and Rumi is on her lap, can be seen on her website and is part of a series of photographs taken during the tour of Beyoncé and Jay-Z through Europe. The two also did the Netherlands. 


“Thanks for the beautiful memories, Europe”, the 36-year-old singer writes in a word of thanks . “It was a pleasure to tour with our family and put on so many beautiful places.” The series also includes several photos of the oldest daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the six-year-old Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé shared a photo of the twins only once before. That was last summer, when Sir and Rumi were a month old. However, she showed pictures of the children during the tour.

Rumors have been going on for months that Beyoncé would be back in expectation, but there is nothing to be seen on the new photos.