Beyoncé (39) has given her friends a special gift for the memorable year 2020. This can be seen in photos that friends of the singer posted on Instagram. It is a necklace with the numbers ‘2020’ as a pendant. However, the numbers are shaped in such a way that it looks like the number gives a kind of middle finger.

“Hopefully 2021 will be better for the world”

“When I opened it, my eyes started to water, because it is hilarious and deeply sentimental at the same time,” writes Beyoncé’s niece Angie. ‘2020 had its ups and downs, but overall it was a very weird and tough year. Hopefully 2021 will be better for the world. ‘

Others were less fond of Queen Bey’s present. “Tell her to keep mine because I don’t want memories of 2020,” someone writes, according to Page Six . Another says, “I don’t want any mementos of 2020.”