Bad news for the Knowles clan. Mathew, Beyoncé’s dad, is suffering from cancer. Aged 67, he revealed on US television, October 2, 2019, that he is shot in the chest.

Mathew Knowles, the dad of famous American singer Beyoncé Knowles , is suffering from cancer. Invited Wednesday, October 2, the popular morning show Good Morning America , broadcast on ABC, he made confidences.

Interviewed by host Michael Strahan, the singer’s father revealed that he had breast cancer. This is very rare in men, with only 1% of this category affected by cancer of this kind according to The Doctor’s Daily . The music producer explained how he became aware of it. ” I realized that because I’m wearing white T-shirts, I had small bloodstains on them, and the first day I thought, ‘Okay, that’s okay. .. maybe just something that ran on my T-shirt. ‘ On the second day, I found this again and I thought there was something, and then on the third day I was in mode: ‘But what is that? “he said.

After a few days, and after discussing the problem with his wife who revealed that he had seen blood stains on their sheets, Mathew Knowles immediately went to the doctor, who prescribed a mammogram and a blood sample. of blood. Subsequently, he was forced to do an ultrasound and a biopsy, which confirmed breast cancer. ” The first calls I made were for my children and my former wife Tina, my wife Gena already knew, she accompanied me during the exams, ” he said. Last July, he was operated on and must undergo another operation next January. This should reduce her chances of developing new breast cancer to 2%. “My children have between 50% and 70% chance of having the same gene and the same type of breast cancer. “There is no doubt that they will not fail to get tested.