We have a pretty good idea of what will happen, but at the sight of the teasers nothing is certain yet.

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In the days, a bunch of Walmart Canadas was leaked, expected to be the name of the debut game on E3. Among them was Rage 2, for which the official channel, Bethesda, and Pete Hines also reacted to Twitter something funny, practically stating that yes, the game was made.

This was probably done so boldly because it was officially unveiled within days. Bethesda published two pictures, one on the Big Ben clock tower and one on a spacecraft. In the two, it is common to see the pink on the RAGE cover, and that while the clocks show 5: 14, the rocket shows the 5-14 label.



There was another tweet that showed an intersection. In this I suddenly can not see the 5-14 or any other reference, but the internet would guess something.


T-Mobile has also become very clever with T-Mobile’s choice of mood when using the typical color of the company.

Of course, it is not possible to know the first details of Rage 2, but say about Prey DLC or the rumored Starfield RPG.