This month, foreign fans can fully enjoy the “voice” game of Benedict Cumberbatch in the “Grinch” cartoon, and next year they will see their favorite actor pull the UK out of the European Union. HBO presented the debut trailer for the political drama “Brexit” and showed the star “Sherlock” as the balding director of the campaign platform Vote Leave.

HBO is not only able to demonstrate on the screen of a living dragon, but also dynamically present a story about a political event. In the first trailer of the Brexit TV movie, Benedict dramatically writes something on the board, changes the future of the country with the help of Facebook and intrigues the audience, saying that “everyone knows who will win, but nobody knows how.”

Events in the film will unfold around Dominic Cummins, director of the campaign company Vote Leave, who advocated the release of the UK from the European Union. The picture will tell how this person managed to convince the young inhabitants of the country to accept his point of view and collect a decisive number of votes in a referendum.

The project was directed by Toby Haynes, among whose past works is the popular TV series “The Black Mirror”. The script was written by the creator of The Secret Call Girl Diary, James Graham. Benedict Cumberbatch was joined by Rory Kinnear (Imitation Game), Liz White (Doctor Who), Kyle Soller (Empty Crown), and others

Brexit will start on January 19, 2019.