In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein affair, where several women accuse the acclaimed producer of harassment or even rape, Ben Affleck is also blamed by women in the arts, such as Rose McGowan and Hilarie Buston. Indeed, since Good Will Hunting , the actor has regularly collaborated with the producer who is the subject of accusations of sexual harassment and violence by women of his professional environment.

On Twitter, on Tuesday, Affleck published a long message where he said he was angry and sad to learn the allegations against Weinstein: “It makes me sick. This is completely unacceptable and I wonder what I can do to make sure it does not happen to others. We must protect our sisters, friends, colleagues and daughters, “Ben Affleck wrote.


Actress Rose McGowan, with whom Ben Affleck played in  Going All the Way  and  Phantoms and whose producer of these films was Harvey Weinstein, quickly responded to accuse him of lying and asserting that he was beautiful and well aware of the unacceptable and criminal acts of the producer.

“DAMN! I told him to stop doing this! “, You said. (…) You lie. “, The actress wrote on Twitter.


Ben Affleck did not reply to his former colleague Rose McGowan, but apologized to Hilarie Burton: “My actions towards Mrs. Burton were inappropriate and I sincerely apologize,” he wrote on Twitter .