Ben Affleck And Matt Damon

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon make a film about the multi-million dollar deal NBA legend Michael Jordan made with Nike in 1984, when he was still a rising star in the basketball world. Affleck and Damon will also be seen as actors in the film, Variety reports .

Affleck will play Nike co-founder Phil Knight and will also direct the film, where Damon takes on the role of marketing boss Sonny Vacarro, who eventually closed the deal with Jordan.

The Chicago Bulls player signed a contract for $250,000, which at the time was an astronomical amount for a player who had yet to prove himself. Jordan got his own shoe from Nike, the Air Jordan, which grew into an iconic sneaker.

The deal Jordan struck sparked many other agreements that athletes entered into with certain brands to develop their own footwear and clothing line.

Damon and Affleck have been friends since childhood and work together regularly. The most famous example of this is still Good Will Hunting (1997) for which the two worked on the script together and won an Oscar for it.