The comment that Whoopi Goldberg had in her program The View on the hacked nude photos of Bella Thorne, was completely wrong with the 21-year-old actress. Whoopi said “don’t think it’s smart to take nude photos if you’re famous, because you know they’ll end up somewhere in the cloud where hackers can reach it.” The actress reacted in tears with a video on Instagram Stories.

“You are really crazy to say such a thing about such a nasty situation”

“I was supposed to be a guest at The View, but to be honest, I don’t feel like letting a couple of older women comment on my body and sexuality. When I saw this conversation, which was about me, I felt me very bad about myself. I hope you are happy now Whoopi. I hope you are so f * cking happy, because I can only think of young people of whom such photos are hacked and then commit suicide, ” says Bella.

She continues: “You are really crazy to say such a thing about such a nasty situation.” The reason why Whoopi had a clear opinion about Bella’s nude photos was because Bella had decided to put the photos online herself, in order to be ahead of her hacker and thus “have power over him.”

The actress claims that the hacker is now being investigated by the FBI.