Bella & Gigi Hadid are sometimes considered too skinny, even anorexic, by some people. But their family says STOP and pushes a big shot at these attacks

Bella Hadid in TOP TRANSPARENT, it’s boobs out in front of the paparazzi . But the way the young woman dresses is not the only topic of discussion around her. Some people find Bella & Gigi Hadid too thin, and a surfer even solicited the attention of their cousin Joann Vdherik on the subject . But she also swayed him: “If this is an important topic for you, start with your anorexic cousins.” For Joann Vdherik, this accusation is NO! She pokes fun at her Instagram story“When you discuss the problem of beauty and its image, and people tell you things like this, it’s DIFFICULT! Skinny shaming is a problem that we must stop.Here, she defends the fact that Gigi & Bella Hadid are certainly meager, but that does not mean that they are anorexic. Okay, just to relax the atmosphere, Kim Kardashian is sexy mini bikini for his birthday. His sunbath will give you hot . Are you fans of the sisters Hadid?