Before Prince Harry was married to former ‘Suits’ star Meghan Markle, he would have been deeply impressed by another American actress, namely Jennifer Aniston. According to the Sunday Mirror, the prince allegedly sent her all sorts of emojis after finding out her telephone number.

A new book and a documentary show that Harry was totally obsessed for years with the 16-year-older Friends actress. The prince is said to have been captivated by her from a 2009 GQ cover in which Jennifer was depicted, merely wearing a tie.

Although it never came to a date, the prince would have told his friends that Jennifer was “princess material.” Jennifer would never have commented on the princely advances because of the large age difference.

The American author of the book says he spoke to friends, other stars, the staff and an ex of Jennifer. He insists that everything in the book and the documentary is correct. But an actress spokesperson denies that Harry would have had a crush on her for years.