The series and mini-series will soon be raining down on BBC, but the most intriguing project is a new adaptation of the SF story The War of the Worlds.

The novel War of the Worlds ( The War of the Worlds ) HG Wells is one of the most famous science fiction works and more appropriate (radio, films, series …). No wonder then that a new adaptation of the famous story of 1898 is announced, this time by BBC for a mini series of 3 episodes. The main specificity of this new version, especially compared to Steven Spielberg’s 2005 film with Tom Cruise or even the radio version of Orson Welles from 1983: the plot will unfold in the Victorian era.

An adaptation that promises to be especially faithful

Behind the project will be screenwriter Peter Harness ( Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell , several episodes of Doctor Who … etc.). Production will begin next spring. In The War of the Worlds , aliens attack the Earth and the outmoded Man owes his salvation to the only weakness of the invader to our diseases.

BBC orders 11 new drama series

In addition to The War of the Worlds , BBC also commissioned 10 more dramas. It is about new adaptations of Little Woman and Black Narcissus , while the novel A Suitable Boy will be brought to the screen for the first time. Another three-part drama, A Very English Scandal , will be featured , while Joe Barton, the creator of Humans , will present on BBC One and Netflix an 8-episode series called Giri / Haji . Finally, Informer will be a thriller in 6 episodes, same figure for Summer of Rockets ,  Come Home will only 3 episodes whenOvershadowed will go up to 8 and The Wilsons will be based on the life of the grandmother of actress Ruth Wilson who will play her own grandmother.