The creator and actor of “Master of None” obviously has some small problems with the understanding of the word “consent” …

On the other side of the Atlantic, languages do not stop getting loose. This weekend, a young woman revealed what had been “the worst night of her life”: the evening of September 2017 she spent with Aziz Ansari. Grace (the young woman did not want to give his true identity), accuses the comedian and actor for having heavily insisted on having sex with her.

Grace met Aziz Ansari at a party after the Emmy Awards, and saw him again a few days later at a meeting, which ended “in tears,” reports The Independent. After a dinner at the restaurant, the Master of None creator reportedly took the young woman home and started kissing her.  

“You have ignored clear non-verbal cues”

“In the same second, her hand was already on my chest,” she says, adding that only a few minutes later, Aziz Ansari would have grabbed a condom, pushed her fingers down her throat, before performing a sexual act on her . Grace then explains that she was uncomfortable with the actor, telling her that she “did not want to feel forced”. Aziz Ansari would have beckoned him to perform a sexual act, repeating, “Where do you want me to go? Finally, Grace and the actor would have sat down to watch TV, before the young woman returned home, “groggy and unhappy”, with the impression of “being raped”.

The next evening, Aziz Ansari would have sent her a message to tell him that it had been fun to meet her. “Last night may have been fun for you,” said the young woman, “but she was not for me. You have ignored clear non-verbal cues; you have continued your advances. The actor reportedly replied “be sad to hear that,” adding, “Obviously, I misinterpreted things at the moment and I’m really sorry. For Grace, Aziz Ansari simply “did not listen,” but rather “ignored,” “it’s by far the worst experience I’ve had with a man,” she adds.

In solidarity with the #TimesUp movement to fund the defense of victims of sexual assault at work, Aziz Ansari last week received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Series for the Master of None series. He is also known for his bestseller Modern Romance, where he puts himself in the shoes of a Doctor Love modern times.