With a Justice League freshly received by the critics, whose box office score confirms that Warner is not yet in a position to compete with Disney, Avengers: Inifinity War has a free hand and proves it.

With only  Aquaman  scheduled for the month of December 2018 at the DCEU, Marvel intends to take advantage of the space that is devolved to him, especially since the studio has announced that its  Avengers: Infinity War  would have the mission to transform sustainably the extended universe produced by Disney. And suddenly, while the output of the company is increasing ( Coco, Star Wars etc …) promotion time is shortened and becomes denser.

While there are only six short months left to prepare the spinal bulbs for children around the world at the advent of Avengers , Uncle Mickey has decided to bluntly make a trailer of the trailer, just to mobilize all his fans , a few hours before the launch of this highly anticipated trailer.

And to do this, Disney has chosen an economical option and quite clever. Indeed, we find in this pre-trailer a montage alternating image of the previous Marvel blockbusters, with the ganaches of Robert Downey Jr. , Scarlett Johansson and their friends, as well as a series of quite embarrassing images of young people suffering from approach of their favorite franchise of what looks like a generalized organ descent.

So follows a video a bit peculiar, both editing sauce rather damn good, especially from a sound point of view, and a big good finger of honor to Darwin, his theory of evolution and a little everything that makes cinema a thing really good. What Disney is telling us about this announcement is that it expects more of its viewers a viral reaction, a feedback, as marketers say, rather than the desire to respond to an invitation to travel.

In short, we are just hours from the unveiling of the first trailer of Avengers: Infinity War, and it may legitimately touch you one without moving the other.