Atypical” Netflix’s glorious series returns to season three, and fans and critics can not wait.

“Atypical”, the excellent drama / comedy, presented its second season a month ago, and with it was a warm welcome from the visitors. The original series of Netflix focuses on a character named Sam, a high school student with autism, with whom she follows his family and routine.

The first season of the series was broadcast in August 2017 and received mixed criticism, with some critics complimenting the way the series shows autism while others cited the television clichés to which the series fell. The second season, however, was widely praised for the improvement in the way she introduced autism, and the new depth Sam’s sister, Casey, with hints at the end of the second season about potential female love in her future. Netflix now seems to intend to continue the story with another season.

Netflix announced its intention to return the “atypical” to the third season via a video distributed on social networks on Wednesday. The video, which shows one of the most memorable moments of the second season, in which Sam shows his family a baby penguin hatches from his egg, and with it an address announcing the third season of the upcoming series. The third season of “Atypical” will feature 10 episodes of half an hour.


The series was written by Roba Rashid (” How I Met Your Mother”, “Will and Grace”), who also works as one of the producers of the series together with Seth Gorden and Mary Rollich (“The Goldbergs”). In a very important and wise way, “atypical” uses the production with the help of Dr. Michelle Dean, a doctor who is an expert and is busy with autism research. The series features a Gilchrist Wall in the role of Kesam Center, along with Brigitte Lundy Payne as Sister Casy, and Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport as his parents, in a very dignified manner. The third season has not yet been confirmed.

The decision to renew the series for the third season of “atypical” comes at an interesting time for Netflix. Earlier this month, the giant announced the cancellation of its two largest Marvel series, Iron Piste and Locke Cage . The cancellations have led to some speculation about the direction Netflix will try to go in the future and what will happen to the rest of its original series. But no matter which way Netflix decides to go in the future, “atypical” fans can be happy and confident that their series is here to stay. 
The third season of “atypical” will be released on Netflix in 2019.