The Pakistani Asia Bibi has been released and left Pakistan. She would be on her way to ‘a country in Europe’. There are rumors that a special ambassador from the Netherlands has come to Pakistan to collect Bibi.

Asia Bibi was on death row in Pakistan for eight years because she would have insulted the Prophet Muhammad against two other women. Bibi is a Christian. Last month she was still acquitted by lack of evidence, but that shot many radical Muslims in the wrong throat. Her family feared that Bibi would be killed.


Saif-ul-Malook, the lawyer of Asia Bibi, has been staying for a few days via the Support for Secondary Christians Foundation (HVC) in the Netherlands. They report that on Pakistani television it is said that Bibi is now released and that she is on the plane.

According to mainstream websites of Pakistani News like Geo, Jang she has been released and she is on the way to abroad some undisclosed location. 

According to Jang media website at the Asia Bibi’s release, there were heavy arrangements for security and 10 people from UN received her. On her release, she was taken out of the jail in the high-security circle of guards and Christian security personals were in the front. There as no high-rank official was available at the to brief the media. But some low-rank officer denied the news. 

Antonio Tajani is an Italian politician who has served as President of the European Parliament since January 2017 has said in his tweet that : 

“Asia Bibi has left the prison and has been transferred to a safe place! I thank the Pakistani authorities. I look forward meeting her and her family, in the European Parliament as soon as possible”.