The girl was brutally murdered by the Hollywood Ripper. He is accused of killing three people.

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher testified in court for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin. She was murdered in 2001 by “Hollywood Ripper” Michael Gargilo. This writes theToday Show.

Gargilo was charged with killing three people, as well as attacking a woman with a knife.

Currently, prosecutors are seeking that he be elected the death penalty – the death penalty.

Ashton Kutcher admitted that on the day of the murder, He came to her home and tried to get inside. However, no one opened the door for him. Through the window, the actor noticed red spots on the floor, but did not attach any importance to it Рhe thought it was wine.

Only the next day he found out that the girl was killed. Then he warned detectives that his prints were left on the doorknob. However, they replied that Kutcher was beyond suspicion