The actor revealed the reason why he was fired from Elizabethtown. Subsequently, everything turned out so that he was replaced by Orlando Bloom. Ashton told the story during an interview on the Hot Ones YouTube show.

Kutcher shared his thoughts in rather unusual conditions, because the main goal of the show is to answer sensitive questions, jamming everything with very sharp wings. But even such circumstances did not prevent the actor from honestly sharing what happened. When asked about filming at Elizabethtown, the actor replied that he was fired.

He claims that director Cameron Crowe originally wanted to invite Orlando Bloom. However, Bloom was busy filming Ridley Scott’s film, so he could not answer the director’s request at that moment. Therefore, Ashton decided to go for an audition, after which Cameron Crowe and Kutcher began working together.

I think he wanted to see me constantly rehearsing the role. I probably wasn’t a sufficiently disciplined actor and I didn’t reach that level to do it,

– the actor considers.

Ashton Kutcher admits that at some point he and the director both realized that their joint work simply did not work out. The actor believes that, rather, Crowe felt it. However, at about the same time, Ashton learned another piece of news. The circumstances coincided so that Orlando Bloom again got in touch, and this happened just around the same time when the director decided to stop working with Kutcher.