The charge of the American actress Ashley Judd (50) against filmbons Harvey Weinstein has been rejected by the court. Judd had indicted Weinstein in a civil lawsuit for sexually unacceptable behavior.

According to Judd, who reported to be one of the first victims, Weinstein would not have given her a role in Lord Of The Rings because she did not respond to his advances. He would also have put her on a so-called black list for other roles.

The actress accused the fallen Hollywood producer for abuse in a professional relationship. A Californian law states that sexual misconduct between two persons in a professional setting is unacceptable.

The judge ruled that the two had no professional relationship at the time that fell within this law. This law will be amended in 2018, but things from the past can no longer be treated as such.

Another claim from Judd against Weinstein, which is about defamation, goes on.