The 21-year-old was reported to the FBI, who conducted a sting operation …

He planned to attack the White Wing’s “West Wing” with the anti-tank rocket launcher, then enter the building armed with semi-automatic rifles, and finally blow himself up as a martyr near the oval office. Trouble, this 21-year-old jihadist apprentice has asked for help to buy this arsenal from … an FBI agent. Hasher Taheb was arrested on Wednesday and charged with attempting a terrorist attack on Thursday, the Georgia authorities said.

The FBI had opened an investigation following information provided by a member of the local community that the young man had “radicalized”. According to the indictment, Hasher Taheb, a resident of Cumming, Georgia , tried to recruit the informant and an undercover FBI agent for his plan to attack the White House and other targets. of the federal capital.

Person really in danger

Originally, Hasher Taheb wanted to be a “martyr” in the name of jihad by going into territory occupied by the Islamic State group in Syria or Iraq, he explained to the informant of the FBI, details the act charge. But arguing the loss of his passport, he had considered better to carry out attacks on American soil.

On December 7, he met the agent incognito and revealed a hand-drawn sketch of the West Wing’s “West Wing”, which houses the office of the President of the United States.

In the following weeks, he detailed the necessary weapons (semi-automatic weapons, grenades and an AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcher) and instructed the undercover federal agent to obtain them. He wanted the trio to lead joint attacks, stopping Jan. 17 for this “game day,” as he had called it.

The three protagonists met on Wednesday in a parking lot where the young man took possession of the weapons – neutralized beforehand – and was arrested in stride. According to US media, he was formally charged Thursday morning in federal court in Atlanta and his next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 24.