Off Ireland, the island of Arranmore is empty. Today, it has only 469 inhabitants. But islanders want to turn the tide and attract newcomers. They send two open letters to Americans and Australians. With a very high speed internet connection as a key argument.

Irish island of Arranmore asks Americans to move there…….

Long stretches of moor, cut-out cliffs plunging into the ocean … Welcome to the Isle of Arranmore in north-west Ireland. The place has everything from the postcard of the country of clover.

But over the years, the inhabitants have, little by little, left this island of 22 km² and today, only 469 people still live there.

Islanders want to reverse this trend. They have just published two “open letters”, signed “the inhabitants of Arranmore”, inviting US and Australian nationals to settle on Arranmore. These open letters were relayed by many media in both countries.

The initiative is to put on the account of the local business community, reports the Australian daily The Sydney Morning Herald. Messages from the people of Arranmore explain the situation: “For 150 years … hundreds of our daughters and sons” have left the island, they write. Notably because of the “famines that touched Ireland” in the nineteenth century.

Many have emigrated to Australia or the United States in search of a better life, they say. This is probably why these letters were sent to the citizens of these two countries, as if to reverse these movements today.

“This mass exodus has continued year after year, continue the open letters. Traditional industries such as fishing or agriculture are not enough to keep our young people here. “

The internet argument

But today everything has changed, say the inhabitants of Arranmore. Since April, the island has a very high speed internet connection “as fast as any office” American or Australian, according to them.

This argument could convince freelancers or salaried employees who can practice teleworking. Today, a graphic designer, a photographer and computer developers are already active on the island, specify the two open letters. In addition to many artisans.