Arnold Schwarzenegger and supermodel Cindy Crawford have taken a new career path together: the duo starts a health and wellness lifestyle brand. Ladder, as the brand is called, is also supported by star basketball player LeBron James and ski runner Lindsey Vonn.

“My motto is’ ‘life is a workout'”

The concept was originally conceived by Arnold and James when they worked together to develop supplements. “It is a naturally developed company, rather than a company that asks us to use our names and says,” We’ll give you some shares if we can use your name, “” the actor knows. “I did that in the past, but I had absolutely no control, so I stepped out of that.”

Ladder customers can pay for a subscription that gives them access to content and a whole range of products that are specially tailored to the user.

“My motto is ‘life is a workout’,” says Cindy. “My job does cost a certain level of fitness.” There are probably mothers and working women who can relate to that, so that’s my role in this group. ”