Army Hammer continues to assure the indifferent fans of “Call Me By Your Name ” that the sequel will ever take place – and, speaking at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2018, also shared new details.

“Luka has already“ led ”me through the whole film: how it will begin, how events will develop, how it will all end, what heroes will be there, what will happen. We already know everything, he, in fact, laid everything out for us, ”said Hammer.


However, it’s not worth waiting for the appearance of a sequel – Luka Guadagnino, according to Armie Hammer, decided to follow the path of Richard Linklater, who shot his “Boyhood” for 12 years, and is going to wait a few more years until his actors and wards mature :

“Chronologically, according to the plot, the events of the second film do not occur immediately after the first one – there is a certain break. So Luka wants to wait for us to mature a little more, and this break could be displayed realistically, ”explains Hammer.