Players on smartphones can rejoice to see the hit of their pocket! For a little while, hits on consoles and PCs are entitled to ports on smartphones increasingly powerful. Life is Strange, PUBG or Fortnite are the proof and are a real success with aficionados of new technologies. Today is a new game that is entitled to its version on our phones because it is ARK: Survival Evolved. And as good news never comes alone, the release of this game comes with a launch date for iOS and Android, the two main operating systems in the mobile sector. What to enjoy, in his pocket, a game to the huge community! A portage expected for June 14


So it is June 14th that ARK: Survival Evolved will see the day on our smartphones. The portage is here done by War Drum Studios while the studio at the origin of the hit is none other than Wildcard. Of course, the gameplay has been redesigned to suit the use of a touch screen smaller than the combo gamepad / keyboard-mouse and screen. But War Drum Studios is reassuring about the playability of this free-to-play and promises an experience worthy of the salon.

ARK: Survival Evolved allows players to evolve in a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs to face or tame. Gamers will also be able to explore and craft to survive in a hostile world of up to 50 in multiplayer mode. Suffice to say that the possibilities are many and different experience from one party to another with friends or unknown strangers (e) s. For the time being, some lucky and lucky people have been able to try the game during a closed beta on iOS. From June 14th, everyone will be able to enjoy this Jurassic world imagined by Wildcard!