Ariel Winter attended her new upcoming movie Smurfs: The Lost village, in  California on this Saturday.

The see-through dress was helping her a lot to display her curvy physique boosting her confidence more!
When she was asked about her inspiration she said ” My sister really She’s an amazing sister. “She was an amazing teenager, she’s an amazing woman, and I’m just so grateful I’ve had that role model, because she’s always taught me, ‘Feel good about yourself no matter if you’re in your pajamas at the grocery store or if you’re in a ball gown at a premiere.’ So she was always my role model in that way.”


#Smurfs #TheLostVillage #April7th ? Everyone go see it!!!!! I’m SmurfLily 😉

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Ariel Winter uploaded a photo of herself kissing blue Smurf on Instagram, the hot sexy kiss was hot enough to turned the blue into blushing red.