Will there be a sequel to ‘Rush Hour’? Actor Chris Tucker (47) seems to hint at all. He posted a photo together with opponent Jackie Chan (65) in honor of his birthday. Both men show four fingers on the snapshot. A reference to ‘Rush Hour 4’, according to fans. But neither of the actors wants to confirm that.

20 years ago Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were linked together as colleagues for the film ‘Rush Hour’. In addition to a nice collaboration, fame and nice payslip, the two men also achieved a close friendship. Chris proved this earlier this week when he wished his companion a happy 65th birthday. Shortly thereafter he posted the photo below on Instagram. Jackie and Chris who are smiling and look into the lens while each holding four fingers in the air. 

“I know I don’t think I see what I think I see,” Chris wrote cryptically to the picture. According to fans, a clear reference to a new collaboration, more specifically to a fourth part in the ‘Rush Hour’ series. The third part already dates from 2007. The American actor said earlier that he hopes to be able to record a fourth part. “I want to do it. Jackie wants to do it ”, it sounded a few months ago. But since then it has been quiet around a possible reunion. So far, though both men do not confirm anything officially for the time being.