What brings his artificial intelligence to another level to catch up.

When he left, Siri was a real success. A voice assistant able to communicate with users, paving the way for an AI future. Only here: over time, Siri has taken a big hit on its competitors while Amazon’s Alexa seems to dominate the market. It is with the aim of gaining ground that the Cupertino company deploys a new strategy according to the cultofmac site. According to the latter, an offer of employment was published in the search for a writer or publisher in order to create a personality to Siri. A way for Apple to catch up and make its artificial intelligence a unique being.

What if Siri had a real personality in the future?

The future is turned towards artificial intelligence and that, firms have understood. This is particularly the case of Huawei, third in the world, who has added an AI to his home processor Kirin. On the side of Apple, Siri is still struggling to catch up while the firm tries to catch up if we believe an ad spotted by cultofmac. We discover that the American giant is looking for a writer or publisher in order to offer a real personality, recognizable, his famous voice assistant. The announcement goes further and explains that the recruited employee will be leading a team to write lines of dialogue to Siri. What bring him to new horizons.

It is important for Apple to catch up on the AI side of its virtual assistant. Artificial intelligence is gradually becoming a breeding ground on which tech companies rely heavily.