The absence of news was almost heralding. The HomePod, Apple’s first smart speaker, will not come out for Christmas anyway.

In a statement issued to TechCrunch, the Cupertino company announces that HomePod will finally come out “early 2018”, not in December, as it announced in June, during its presentation. Apple does not explain, however, the reasons for this last minute postponement.

“We’re excited that people can test HomePod, Apple’s new wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before we can offer it to consumers. We will begin shipments to the US, England and Australia in early 2018. ”

HomePod has seven speakers (tweeters) and a woofer. The speaker is based on the Apple A8 processor and is equipped with a real-time acoustic modeling tool that analyzes the environment in which it is located to deliver the most optimal sound quality.

The HomePod speaker is also equipped with Siri, which allows, thanks to the 6 built-in microphones, to command him to voice various actions (search on the web, reading of measurement, control of connected devices, etc …).