In 2017, Apple climbed to fourth place in the global computer manufacturers standings, ahead of ASUS, which dropped to fifth place.

Finding Apple in such a good position is a good performance, knowing that MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are not what we call cheap computers. The most affordable model is the 13-inch MacBook Air whose price starts at 1.099 €, which is rather high compared to what is found in the competition.

The MacBook Pro are at the party

However, Apple’s laptops are strong and powerful machines, which benefit more from the “halo” effect: iPhone and iPad users can more easily go to a Mac if they have need a classic computer. TrendForce, which established this annual ranking, gives Apple 9.6% of the global market, against 9.5% to ASUS.

This is a good progression for the firm to the apple, since it increases its market share of 1.3 point compared to 2016. And the good news should continue for Apple, with a forecast to 10.4% for this year. The manufacturer is clearly benefiting from the good momentum of MacBook Pro launched at the end of 2016 and which were updated last June . The famous Touch Bar has caused some irritation, but it gradually returns to habits …

TrendForce notes that the refresh of the MacBook Pro in June 2017 has enabled Apple to improve its shipments by 18% for the full year, the highest growth among notebook manufacturers.

The first places are occupied respectively by HP (24.3%), Lenovo (20.2%) and Dell (15.2%), whose positions seem indissoluble. According to TrendForce, the laptop market is doing pretty well: it was 164.7 million units last year, an increase of 2.1%. Estimates were expected to be 0.7%.