Today, Apple unveiled the veil of Apple TV +, its own streaming service with films and series. The electronics giant also unveiled subscription services for mobile games and magazines, and even presented its own credit card. Below the highlights of the evening.

One thing is clear: Apple is more than an iPhone maker. The company showed during tonight’s event that it wants to focus more than ever on ‘services’: services for users. Apple already offered several of those services – think of iCloud, Apple Pay and Siri – but now the tech giant is going one step further with the launch of a handful of novelties. 

Tonight’s biggest news was undoubtedly the unveiling of Apple TV + and Apple TV Channels, two new services under the umbrella of the existing Apple TV app.

Apple TV Channels

Apple TV Channels will be a collection of content from American television channels, including CNN, Fox, CBS, Showtime, Brit Box, Starz and HBO. Through the service, users can view all programs of the channels whenever they want, without ads. There is also a separate environment with child-friendly series and films. The service must come out in ten countries, but a less complete version – here it becomes a bit unclear – will appear in a hundred countries.